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Lemberg & Associates’ fair debt attorneys are committed to using debt collection laws to hold debt collection agencies accountable and get results for our clients. Below are just a few examples of ways in which our clients have suffered from debt collectors’ illegal behavior—and the results we were able to obtain on their behalf. When clients contact Lemberg & Associates for a fair debt collection issue, they often feel overwhelmed and fearful. Our mission is to take the fear away and obtain the justice they deserve, often going above and beyond their expectations.

Collector Threats: When a Florida man contacted Lemberg & Associates, he had received numerous phone calls from a debt collector who refused to give the man any information about the debt he allegedly owed. The debt collector repeatedly threatened to “hold his credit score hostage” and withhold any information about the debt until the man provided him with his Social Security number. On our client’s behalf, Lemberg & Associates filed suit under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Our Results: The debt collection agency agreed to erase the entire debt, plus remove all negative reports on our client’s credit report and pay our client’s legal fees.

Bank Account Abuse: A Massachusetts sheriff had been involved in a horrible accident. While hospitalized, he got behind on paying his bills. He immediately began receiving calls from a debt collector. After the sheriff made a partial payment through his bank account to start paying down the debt, the debt collector drained the sheriff’s entire bank account, threatened to ruin his career, and harassed him with phone calls two and three times per day.

Our Results: Lemberg & Associates convinced the abusive debt collect to wipe out the entire $6,000 debt and pay the sheriff’s legal fees. In addition, the bank reversed the account withdrawals.

Debt Collector Harassment: A New York man became the victim of debt collection agency harassment when a debt collector called him multiple times at the New Yorker’s place of employment. After repeatedly requesting that the phone calls stop, and in fear of losing his job, he contacted Lemberg & Associates.
Our Results: Our fair debt attorneys negotiated a $3,600 settlement on our client’s behalf.

Threatening to Take House: After receiving threats by a debt collector who said he would take their home, and after calling up to seven times per day, a Massachusetts couple contacted Lemberg & Associates.

Our Results: Lemberg & Associates eradicated the couple’s $12,000 debt, and the debt collector paid their attorney’s fees.

Debt Collector Workplace Harassment: A debt collector repeatedly called a New York public school employee at work. This debt collector divulged personal information about the debt and our client to school secretaries and supervisors. As a result, our client was repeatedly called into his boss’ office and questioned about the calls. Fearing he would lose his job, he contacted Lemberg & Associates.
Our Results: Our fair debt attorneys negotiated a $1,000 cash settlement for the client, plus legal fees.

Calling the Boss: A debt collector contacted a Maryland woman’s boss four times regarding her debt. Embarrassed, in fear of losing her job, and desperate for help, she called the fair debt attorneys at Lemberg & Associates.
Our Results: Our fair debt attorneys stopped the calls, and the woman received $1,750.

Lemberg & Associates work on a contingency basis for all of our clients, meaning that we don’t get paid unless we succeed. This allows our clients to seek our help free of charge, without worrying about the cost of legal fees. We not only make the debt collection calls stop, but our record of obtaining cash settlements for our clients—and sometimes erasing the debt completely—ensures that your case will be in the right hands.

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If you have been the victim of harassment or illegal or unfair debt collection practices, Lemberg & Associates will discuss your options with you and protect your rights. For more information, contact Lemberg & Associates today at .

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"The FDCPA is a consumer protection statute and was intended to permit, even encourage, attorneys like Lemberg to act as private attorney generals to pursue FDCPA claims."

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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