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About Lemberg & Associates – Fair Debt Attorneys

When your consumer rights are violated, you have every right to be angry. When you’re the victim of unscrupulous debt collection agencies, it can tear your life to shreds and feel like the end of the world. Our fair debt attorneys at Lemberg & Associates go toe-to-toe with collection agency attorneys. Our fair debt lawyers have an unwavering commitment to using debt collection laws and fair credit laws to demand justice for our clients and hold debt collectors accountable.

We’re pleased that our efforts are being noticed by the other side. For three years in a row (2011, 2012, and 2013), we’ve been named the “most active” consumer attorneys in the U.S.

Our overriding mission is to protect you. We don’t represent corporations or big business. Our clients are family-oriented, hard-working, ordinary people who know that they can’t fight the system on their own. So they turn to us for our compassion and determination to advocate on their behalf.

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, and with offices in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, and California, our fair debt attorneys are bound together by the knowledge that it’s our duty to fight on behalf of regular consumers.

A Passion for Justice

We pledge to you that every person on our staff – from our receptionist to our paralegal to our managing partner – will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Our fair debt attorneys are dedicated to consumer law. Lemberg & Associates offers free, no obligation case evaluations with an unbiased opinion on the likely outcome of your case. Our successful track record means you can be assured we’ll get the results you deserve. We promise to zealously work on your behalf to take full advantage of the debt collection laws meant to protect you, and bring you justice and peace of mind. With Lemberg & Associates at your side, you’re not alone.
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Success Stories

At Lemberg & Associates, we measure our success by the results we obtain for our clients. We invite you to read about the ways in which our staff has been able to help consumers just like you.

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Class Actions

Lemberg & Associates represents consumers in class action lawsuits against debt collection agencies. In a class action, many consumers who suffered similarly at the hands of a certain debt collector come together in order to get the compensation they deserve.

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Why Our Services Are Usually Free

Many clients and potential clients wonder why our services are usually free. Consumer attorneys are usually able to offer their services free of charge because of fee-shifting provisions in consumer protection laws.

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What Our Clients are Saying

We know that we fight doggedly on behalf of our clients. But it’s wonderful to hear our clients say that we’ve made a difference in their lives.

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If you have been the victim of harassment or illegal or unfair debt collection practices, Lemberg & Associates will discuss your options with you and protect your rights. For more information, contact Lemberg & Associates today at .

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"The FDCPA is a consumer protection statute and was intended to permit, even encourage, attorneys like Lemberg to act as private attorney generals to pursue FDCPA claims."

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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