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TekCollect is a third party debt collector that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. TekCollect Inc. began business in 2002 and collects for all types of industries. What’s different about this company is that they don’t employ debt collectors who work directly for them, but use independent contractors. On its website, TekCollect Inc. says that it has “access to over 6,000 collection professionals and a national pool of litigation services.” A perusal of in June 2013 showed that TekCollect was recruiting 266 workers for locations that included Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Lenexa and Kansas City, Kansas; Richmond Indiana; and Jersey City, New Jersey. It appears that its contractors can work from home, and that they may be required to pay TekCollect $395 for a “bonding and materials deposit.”

TekCollect Complaints

As with many debt collection agencies, TekCollect complaints cover the spectrum. As of June 2013, the Better Business Bureau had given TekCollect an A+ rating. The BBB had logged 54 closed TekCollect complaints over the previous three years, including 23 closed TekCollect complaints over the previous 12 months.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from debt collection agencies who either don’t know the law, or aren’t interested in following it. It sets certain standards that every debt collector must follow when dealing with consumers.

For starters, debt collectors who collect very old debts have to follow different rules than those who collect more current debts. Once a debt passes its statute of limitations (SOL), certain legal remedies are no longer available to the debt collector. They can no longer sue the consumer, obtain a court order to garnish their wages or place a bad mark on their credit report.

But some debt collectors try and trick consumers into “restarting” their debts. If you have a debt that has passed the statute of limitations and make a payment on it, or make an affirmative acknowledgement that you owe the debt, a debt collector can start the clock all over again. Once that happens, they have at their disposal all of the legal remedies mentioned above.

What they can’t do is lie to you in order to trick you. They can’t pretend to be with law enforcement, with a court of law, an attorney or an officer of the court to trick you into disclosing personal information. In addition, they can’t threaten you with things like sending a police officer to arrest you or having you thrown in jail because they simply don’t have the authority to do things like that.

If you’re dealing with a rouge debt collector who insists on skirting the law, keep studious notes. If you decide that you’ve had enough and sue them in a court of law, you could be awarded up to $1,000 in actual damages, plus attorney fees and court costs.

TekCollect Contact Information

871 Park Street
Columbus, OH 43215

TekCollect Phone Number: 614-489-8800


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