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Stokes & Clinton

Stokes & Clinton is a debt collection agency that operates out of a law firm in Mobile, Alabama. They collect for various industries, including old medical debt, phone bills and retail industries.

The Better Business Bureau has assigned an F rating to Stokes & Clinton. According to the Bureau’s website, that’s partially because the debt collection agency has failed to respond to two complaints filed against them.

One of the most common complaints you find about Stokes & Clinton on the online chat boards is that they allegedly call people who don’t even owe a debt. One person complained that every time the debt collection company calls him in error, it costs him ten cents. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but one month his total bill from the erroneous calls was $23.50. He says that he’s asks them to stop calling because he doesn’t even know the person they’re calling for, but the calls continue to come in, costing him money.

Another woman alleges that they call her husband about a bill that her insurance company paid for seven years ago. Finally, one soldier reports that he lost his security classification and is at risk of being demoted because Stokes & Clinton took money for a payment, but won’t clear up the matter with the credit bureau.

Stop Stokes & Clinton Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was designed to protect consumers from shady debt collection tactics. For instance, if you’re being hounded by a collection agent by the telephone, you have the right to ask them to stop calling you. You’ll need to send them a cease and desist letter, telling them that you no longer wish to be contacted. You should send the letter certified mail with return receipt requested so that there will be no question that they received it. If they continue to call you, contact a fair debt attorney and ask them about taking the debt collector to court for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

It’s important that you keep copies of all communications with the debt collector, and if you speak to them by phone, record the conversations. Not all states allow you to do this, so be sure that you check with the authorities first. If you have to go to court to get a debt collector to follow the law, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you’ve got the documentation to back up your claims.

Stokes & Clinton Contact Information

Stokes & Clinton
1000 Downtowner Blvd.
Mobile, AL 36609-5409


9 thoughts on “Stokes & Clinton
  1. I received a call from Stokes and Clinton stating that they are a general practice law firm attempting to communicate with me. I have not received any legal summons addressing a complaint, so I’m trying to figure out if my account has been sold to them or if I am being sued by the original creditor. My debt totals to $1600 and I currently can only pay a lump sum totalling $650 at most

    • First I must advise by federal law I and my firm are defined as a debt collector. I believe the BBB info in this article is incorrect. We have the highest rating possible in most independent rating services. Also, call us and see . If you think you were treated poorly, get the employees name and email me. I will address it. We work hard to comply with all rules and regulations and frankly, being rude doesn’t ever help resolve the issue.

      • I am very ill and I tried to work with my creditor to repay the money I owed. Each time I called and informed them of my situation and amount I am able to pay I was always told not enough. I called and spoke with a woman by the name of Ms. Henderson and she was great. She helped me with a small payment plan explained the situation to her boss came back with the go ahead. I was so happy with the call I spoke to Ms. Henderson and thanked them both for assisting me in repaying this debt. So I for one is very happy and praise Ms. Henderson for going the extra mile to help me out. Thank you

  2. From what I have been reading you do not have a very good rating wih the better business bureau. You are not a company anybody wants to deal with. Before you start harassing people you better clean up your company.

    • Stokes and Clinton and I are defined by federal law as a debt collector. Please read the response to Charlotte . And then call us to see if we can assist.

    • Please see previous response. Stokes and Clinton and I are defined by federal law as a debt collector. Please read the response to Charlotte . And then call us to see if we can assist.

  3. I called today to discuss my son’s debt and spoke to Mr. Teilman. He was very rude started to raise his voice to me. He said I was being difficult. I am a third party who wants to clear this debt. I think it would behoove your agency to give me what I ask for since I am a third party. I was very professional and polite. I expect the same from your agency.

  4. Stokes and Clinton was asked twice not to call me during work hours and yet they did many many many times over then when I tried to set up a payment plan I was told no, borrow the money don’t pay someone else and clear this now or we will file suit and you will have a garnishment of 25% taken from you. If Stokes and Clinton are what offices of the court are all about it’s a sad sad day for the state of Alabama.

  5. I am trying to deal with this company but Mr. Tellman is rude and a liar. Agreed to pay a reduced amount and said they’d generate a settlement letter and I had 10 days to pay. 5 days later I still didn’t receive a letter so contacted them and he said it got lost in the mail. He refused to let me speak with a supervisor. And got nasty . I had to call back and got a different man. Stevens Henders. He said they didn’t send a letter due to a glitch. But had to have payment there in 4 days. Even though 1 day is a holiday. With or without settlement letter. How’s that even possible to receive a letter & then send a letter with payment across country in 4 days? He said pay overnight mail, why because they screwed up! They are rude, liars and make it impossible to meet their deadlines. They don’t want you to have anything in writing saying you won’t owe them more if you pay a settlement. They tell me if receive after the 4 days they won’t except it.

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