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Stellar Recovery

Stellar Recovery Inc. is a master of reinvention. Stellar Recovery collections was “rebranded” in early 2009, when its owners purchased an existing debt collection agency. With locations in Kalispell, Montana, and Jacksonville, Florida, Stellar Recovery Inc. is a debt buyer as well as a third-party debt collector. Stellar Recovery collections also collects on behalf of other debt buyers. Typically, debt buyers purchased charged-off portfolios of debt for pennies on the dollar, and then turn around and try and collect. A Stellar Recovery debt collector who calls may be trying to collect on any number of types of debt, such as telecommunications, credit card debt, payday loans, or utilities debt.

Stellar Recovery Complaints

As with many debt collection agencies, there are myriad Stellar Recovery complaints. As of March 2013, the Better Business Bureau gave Stellar Recovery an A+ rating, despite having logged 179 closed Stellar Recovery complaints over the previous three years, including 122 closed Stellar Recovery complaints over the previous 12 months.

Stellar Recovery may be a relatively small debt collection agency, but they’ve made a fairly big splash in the federal court system. That’s because Stellar Recovery has been sued nine times in the first three months of 2013 for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

When attempting to collect a debt, a debt collector has to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDPCA has declared that any form of harassment by a debt collector is prohibited. Harassment may include placing repeated phone calls, calling at odd hours, sending threatening emails, and harassing friends, neighbors and family members. Three types of debt are notorious for leading to harassment – payday loans, auto deficiencies, and debt purchased by debt buyers. While this doesn’t mean that any particular debt collection agency engages in harassing behaviors, it does mean that you should take notes about the conversations you have with any debt collector.

Stellar Recovery Address

Stellar Recovery, Incorporated
1845 US Highway 93 S, #310
Kalispell, MT 59901

Stellar Recovery Phone Number: 888-638-6775


9 thoughts on “Stellar Recovery
  1. harrassed for 2 years from 2010 – 2012. They called me repeatedly daily and on weekends. My cell phone company can verify with phone records.

  2. They call my home phone daily about 5 times a day. Looking for someone I’ve never even heard of. When I called to complain they were very rude and said I don’t show your phone number is our system. I told him I could replay the message and he just kept saying I don’t show your phone number. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

  3. I just called one more time and he said my doesn’t show anything. I explained how do I stop the calls from coming and he said he’s not sure. I explained from 2 days I have 18 messages on my machine that I haven’t erased and he hung up on me. ANY IDEAS PEOPLE???? SOOOOO UPSETTING!!!!!

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  5. Just received a phone call from stellar recovery the phoine call was an automated call which i just hung up. I called the number back to see if I could find out who it was and talked to a female with poor english and did find out it was a collection agency and I ask what it was about but she wouldn’t tell me until I verified my address and I said piss on you I don’t owe anybody and hung up !!!

  6. They started calling me every morning by using a “spoof” number that mimicked my local area code. I would pick up and hear a robocall message on my voicemail. I never returned any calls. When they saw that wasn’t working they started calling from their valid 877 number. I picked up once to hear their robodialer once again but I stayed on the line to try and get a live person. She asked my name and address. When I wouldn’t give my address, yet insisted she tell me the nature of the call…she just hung up on me. I have NO debt! My credit report is clean! But I can see on it that Stellar Recovery has been snooping on my TransUnion report.

  7. Just turn Stellar Recovery over to the Consumer Complaint Division of the Attorney Generals office either in Jacksonvill, Flordia (or just Flordia)and Kalispell, Montana (or just Montana). Be sure to indicate that they think they are above the Law harassing people and that they don’t think that they can be stopped by any Attorney Generals office regardless of who Stellar Recovery thinks they are.

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