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RMB Services

RMB Services, which stands for Rocky Mountain Barge, Canal & Steamship Company, is a debt collection company that operates out of Lakewood, Colorado. It is affiliated with Sage & Vargo, P.C. and Vargo & Janson, P.C. All three companies have different websites, but seem to be related. They collect overdue student loans, auto loans, consumer loans, credit cards, medical bills, and NSF checks.

RMB Services and Sage & Vargo, P.C. used to do collections for State Farm Insurance company, but according to a lawsuit found online, State Farm terminated their services and then RMB Services et al. took them to court.

Stop RMB Services Harassment

Sometimes debt collectors cross the boundaries of the Fair Debt Collection Act when it comes to trying to collect debts from consumers. But the good news is that lawmakers have given consumers a way to fight back.

For starters, debt collectors have to obey regulations about how and when they can speak to consumers. They are only allowed to call them at a place that is convenient for them. For instance, if the consumer isn’t allowed to receive phone calls at work, they can tell the debt collector that in writing, and the debt collector must stop calling them there. If a debt collector calls consumers at home, it must be after 8:00 am and before 9:00 pm, and that’s in the consumer’s time zone, not the debt collector’s time zone.

Consumers don’t have to put up with abuse from out of control debt collectors, and that includes verbal abuse. Debt collectors aren’t allowed to try and embarrass you so that you’ll pay a debt by talking to other people about the fact that you owe money. What’s more, they aren’t allowed to call you names, belittle you or demean you in any way.

Debt collectors are restricted by law about what they can and cannot do when trying to collect a debt. Not all consumers are liable to be sued in court, have their wages garnished, or suffer from bad marks on their credit report. If a debt is past the statute of limitations (SOL), these legal remedies aren’t available to the debt collector anymore.

These are just a few of the guidelines set out by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you’re dealing with debt collectors, you need to understand all of your rights under the law. If a debt collector violates those rights, the FDCPA gives you right to sue them in court. Talk to an attorney experienced in FDCPA law and ask if your case will hold up in court. If you sue the debt collector and win, you can be awarded up to $1,000 in damages, plus court costs and attorney fees.

RMB Services Contact Information

RMB Services
6464 W. 14th Avenue, Suite 150
Lakewood, CO 80214-1913


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"The FDCPA is a consumer protection statute and was intended to permit, even encourage, attorneys like Lemberg to act as private attorney generals to pursue FDCPA claims."

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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