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Redline Recovery

Redline Recovery has offices in Buffalo, New York; Alpharetta, Georgia; and Houston, Texas. The Internet is abuzz with tales about Redline Recovery, though it’s interesting that the Better Business Bureau doesn’t have a business review for Redline Recovery at any of its locations.

Redline Recovery employs more than 500 debt collectors. Its New York call center is located near the University of Buffalo, and Redline Recovery boasts that its proximity to the college provides the debt collection agency with “an educated and motivated part-time work force.”

Redline Recovery goes after debts that are at every stage of the collection process, from pre charge-off to pre-legal. They’ll go after relatively new debts, as well as old debts that have been worked over by other debt collection agencies.

In 2012, about two dozen federal lawsuits were brought against Redline Recovery for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Redline Recovery Calls

If you’re ready to stop Redline Recovery calls, a good first step is understanding who’s on the other end of the phone. Nationally, the median wage for a bill collector is $14.73 an hour. About a quarter of debt collectors are categorized in “business support services,” while about 15 percent work in doctors’ offices or for hospitals. The states with the highest concentration of bill collectors are South Dakota, Delaware, Arizona, South Carolina, and Missouri, while the metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of debt collectors are Sioux Falls, SD; Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH; Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY; Pueblo, CO; and San Angelo, TX.

Generally speaking, debt collectors fall into two categories: those who are employed by “original creditors” and those who are employed by debt collection agencies like Redline Recovery. An original creditor is the person or place of business with which you incurred the debt. Credit card companies, for example, typically have their own collection departments (although some may eventually sell outstanding debts to agencies), and they are considered “original creditors.” Similarly, if you have a hospital bill and a hospital employee contacts you to pay that bill, the original creditor is contacting you. In contrast, Redline Recovery is hired by original creditors to collect the money owed. So, if your dentist doesn’t do collections in-house, he or she might hire Redline Recovery to contact you on his or her behalf.

Redline Recovery Contact Information

Redline Recovery
11675 Rainwater Drive, Suite 350
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Redline Recovery Phone Number: 877-531-0333


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