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Houston-based debt collection agency Pentagroup Financial employs close to 400 debt collectors operating from call centers in Houston, TX, and Buffalo, NY. Pentagroup is classified as a large business, with 2009 revenues exceeding $20 million. Inc. Magazine ranks Penta Group Financial among the top 5,000 companies, listing Penta Group collection agency as number 3880. While collections are at the heart of the Penta Group collection agency’s business, Pentagroup strongly promotes a turnkey operation for all of a client’s receivables operations. Pentagroup Financial offers first party outsourcing, third-party recovery, and skiptracing, as well as bankruptcy validation, deceased claim processing, and other services. Pentagroup was awarded the distinction of “Best Place to Work in Collections” for 2010 by industry publication “Inside ARM.”

Pentagroup Financial Complaints

Pentagroup Financial complaints are many and varied. As of June 2012, the Better Business Bureau notes that 126 Penta Group complaints have been closed over the past three years, with 28 Pentagroup Financial complaints closed in the past 12 months. Nonetheless, the BBB gives Penta Group collection agency an A+ rating. It is also worth noting that, in the first six months of 2012, seven cases have been filed against Pentagroup in federal court alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Pentagroup Financial Collection Agency Calls

Pentagroup Financial debt collectors call, you should know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a debt collector – whether from Pentagroup or any other debt collection agency – starts calling third parties, he or she may or may not be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. For example, a Pentagroup debt collector can legally call a third party like a neighbor or a relative in an effort to locate you. In fact, a Pentagroup collector can use any pretext he likes. For example, a Pentagroup collector can represent himself as being an insurance company representative and say that he has an urgent message regarding a claim but the file has the wrong contact information. That’s sneaky but it’s not illegal.

However, a Pentagroup collector – or a collector from any other agency – cannot call the same person more than once unless Pentagroup Financial debt collectors have evidence that the person knowingly misled him or unless the third party invited a callback. A Pentagroup collector also cannot tell a third party that he is trying to locate you to collect a debt. When you receive a call from a Pentagroup collector, it’s always a good policy to note the date and time, as well as the name of the collector and what was said.

Penta Group Financial Address

Pentagroup Financial
5959 Corporate Drive, Suite 1400
Houston, TX 77036

Pentagroup Financial Phone Number: 800-385-9060


One thought on “Pentagroup
  1. These people are relentless, I have told them repeated times times that I do not have any money at this time due to illness and unemployment but they still call and bother you. Asked if they can stop calling everyday and just call back say once a week and got a rude NO I am doing my job.

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