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NCB Management Services

NCB Management Services, a Philadelphia-based debt collection agency, also goes by the name of National Creditors Bureau. NCB Management Services performs third-party collections for a variety of industries, including the financial, retail, education, and healthcare industries. More importantly, they’re a debt buyer, which means that the company purchases charged-off debt for pennies on the dollar, and then attempts to collect on that debt.

NCB Management Services Complaints

As of March 2013, the Better Business Bureau gave NCB Management an A+ rating. The BBB had logged 46 closed NCB Management complaints within the previous three years, including 12 closed NCB Management complaints within the previous 12 months.

Stop NCB Management Services Harassment

In addition to its third-party collection activities, NCB Management Services purchases old debt. Oftentimes, old debt is based on old data. When you receive a call from NCB Management, it may be because your phone number matches that of the old debt record or you have the same name as or a similar name to the consumer who owes the debt. In other words, if you don’t recognize the debt, it may not be yours.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in with NCB Management Services, ask for a debt validation letter (they’re obligated to send you one within five days of the initial contact). When you receive it, you can dispute all or any part of it by sending a dispute notice in writing within 30 days of receiving the debt collection agency’s validation. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collectors must suspend collection efforts until they provide you with documentation that proves the debt is yours to pay. On old repurchased debt, that may be nearly impossible.

Further, the agency cannot add this debt to your credit report until they have proven it is actually yours. If you haven’t had a response within 30 days of sending your letter, check your credit report and see if it appears. If it does, it may be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and/or the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

NCB Management Services Contact Information

NCB Management Services, Inc.
One Allied Drive
Trevose, PA 19053


2 thoughts on “NCB Management Services
  1. They have been calling me for well over a year looking for someone else. I have answered many times and told them that I don’t know who the guy is that they are looking for. Unfortunately it is a recorded message that they are calling with (ILLEGAL). The number they give in the recording to call if they have the wrong number is also a recording that says that I have the wrong number (I’ve tried many times). They should be shut down and arrested for harassing innocent people.

    • They are doing the exact same thing to me Robert! They are calling my cell phone (Which is privately listed and ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST) but not bothering me at home or sending me letters. They have the wrong person but won’t stop harassing me! Idk what to do to get thru and make them stop it!

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