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National Credit Solutions (NCS)

National Credit Solutions, also known as NCS, is a third-party collection agency that has been in business since 2006. They are located in Oklahoma City, OK, although they are able to collect debts all over the country due to licensing. NCS works on a contingency basis, which means that they don’t get paid unless they collect. National Credit Solutions reports to two of the three credit reporting agencies if consumers can’t or won’t pay, and also uses the information that they gleam from the reports to track down consumers, their employers, and their financial and asset pictures. They also use skip tracing in their efforts, and if they can’t get a consumer to pay, they resort to litigation.

Ironically, the debt collectors who work at National Credit Solutions supposedly have to take a pledge to treat consumers with respect and dignity, and to be responsible and ethical. But that’s not quite the picture you get when you visit the Better Business Bureau or the consumer complaint boards.

As of January 2001, the BBB revoked National Credit Solutions’ accreditation and gave them a C- rating. That’s very generous considering the massive amount of complaints filed against the agency—492 to be exact. In February of 2011, National Credit Solutions got their 15 minutes of fame when it came to light that hundreds of thousands of people’s credit reports had been negatively affected when the agency put unsubstantiated bad reports on them for overdue fees to the now-defunct Hollywood Videos. As a result, five state Attorneys General began receiving complaints about the company, the Kansas AG issued a scam warning against NCS, and Montana sued the agency for using unfair and deceptive business practices.

Stop National Credit Solutions Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was put in place to stop debt collectors who would ignore the law and do whatever they want to when it comes to collecting on a debt. The fact is, debt collectors have to abide by the laws, or they get called out. An agency has to prove that a debt exists before they can attempt to collect on it, and they certainly can’t report it as a bad debt when the debt has never even been verified.

When a collection agency first makes contact with you, they must send you a letter in writing that gives you some details about the debt in question. They must tell you whom the original debt was owed to, the amount of the original debt, and then disclose any fees that they’ve added to it. The fees have to reasonable—that’s one of the reasons National Credit Services got into trouble with some Attorneys General.

If you feel that your rights have been violated, contact a fair debt attorney and ask if you have a case against them. If you do, you could sue them in a court of law for up to $1,000 in damages, plus attorney’s fee and court costs.

National Credit Solutions Contact Information

National Credit Solutions
PO Box 15779
Oklahoma City, OK 73155-0779
(405) 619-3630


One thought on “National Credit Solutions (NCS)
  1. They called me and said I need to pay them 300.00 to settle today or I have to pay 1200.00. They also said that they will be sending someine to my home to serve me papers to go to court and then I called action payday loans and they said they did not deal with ncs and that they had calls regarding them and that I should not pay thwm at all. Ncs also said that I cant callaction payday loan.

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