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LVNV Funding

LVNV Funding‘s sole business is purchasing debt from original creditors. The original creditor – like a bank or a finance company – writes off the debt as uncollectable, and then sells it to LVNV Funding LLC. This type of company is known as a debt buyer LVNV Funding doesn’t actually collect the debt; instead, they outsource it to a debt collection agency. They typically outsource it to Resurgent Capital Services, which in turn may outsource it to another collection agency. However, the LVNV Funding name may well show up on your credit report.

LVNV Funding Complaints

The Better Business Bureau says that “LVNV Funding, LLC” and “LVNV, Inc.” are alternate business names for Resurgent Capital Services. So, when it comes to LVNV Funding complaints, it’s next to impossible to separate them from those that the BBB has logged for Resurgent Capital Services. As of June 2013, Resurgent had managed to rack up an astounding 1,645 closed BBB complaints within the previous three yeas, including 1,060 closed complaints within the previous 12 months. Equally astounding is the BBB’s granting Resurgent an A+ rating.

A quick look at the Justia database does reveal quite a number of LVNV Funding lawsuits. In May 2013 alone, there were eight LVNV Funding lawsuits filed in federal court alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you want to stop debt collector harassment, you first have to know who you’re dealing with. One thing that many consumers don’t realize is that debt collection agents must always disclose who they are when they call you. The FDCPA states that, “A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt.” That doesn’t mean collectors won’t try to hide, or leave messages without identifying themselves that ask you to call regarding a “very important legal matter.” It can be very difficult to determine whether the person you’re speaking to is from a debt collection agency, but is posing as someone else.

Whether a debt collector contacts you in writing or by phone, they must be upfront and announce who they are and inform you that they are attempting to contact you regarding a debt. Yet one of collectors’ favorite tactics is for the collector to claim that he’s an attorney and can sue you. A debt collector can seek the representation of an attorney, and can sue you for non-payment, but it is illegal for debt collectors from to pretend they are lawyers when they are not. Sometimes, though, the person calling may be an attorney.

LVNV Funding Contact Information

LVNV Funding
12650 Ingenuity Drive
Orlando, FL 32878

LVNV Phone Number: 888-665-0374


4 thoughts on “LVNV Funding
  1. i have hired a law firm to remove derogatory marks against my credit reports. they are making head way but lvnv is one which was the one collection agency that nearly landed me in the hospital with another heart attack was the one that i shut off all my land lines and refused to answer phones as a result of their ruthless methods of collecting a debt. I hired a debt consolidation program to help my sons manage their debt that they accumulated due to trying to help us from being homeless since i became disabled and it took 7 years to win an award for permanent disability. they managed to get theirs mostly under thumb but mine when i spoke with an attorney me so long as i have nothing in my name they can not come after me for anything so since i lost everything and nothing was in my name not to worry about it. well i may have to buy another car before i die and then what? i do not know what to do anymore this lvnv i thought was from a student loan debt which i had filed to have expunged from my record i attended school for 2 years and my son had a parent plus loan for one year i never knew i had a total of 9 loans outstanding as a result of 3 years total of schooling i filed the forms that they requested and found out that i still had a loan in default which i had to file the disability forms all over again to get that one included is the removal. why so many loans for 2 people to attend school for 3 years? WHY was i made to refile for them to include a loan that was not included due to someone else’s over sight? there is enough wrong with the way the world is today and things such as this do not make it any easier to live from day to day.
    Lvnv is not to say the least understanding of certain situations that may be valid and legitimate reason for why people are not able to pay. the bottom line is not always about the almighty dollar bill but to listen to them you would think i stole it from their very wallet. saying things like dont you think it is an honorable thing to pay back a loan to created. well yes under normal circumstances certainly there was a time when my credit was prefect, but also i do not think it right that someone who worked all their life should have it robbed from them in an instant by an accident that was out of their control. that is not fair either. so if someone would give me back my life and rid me of the health problems and constant pain i love with.. then certainly i will pay back the debt i created that is all i have to say.. what has happened to humanity in this world?

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