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Integrity Solution Services

There are so many mergers and acquisitions in the debt collection industry these days that it could make your head spin. Integrity Solution Services is the poster child for debt collection M&A. Let’s try and connect the dots.

According to an Integrity Solution Services press release, Pinnacle Financial Group was acquired by National Asset Recovery Services in 2010, and Integrity Financial Partners was acquired by National Asset Recovery Services in 2011. In January 2013, National Asset Recovery Services announced a name change, saying in a January 28 press release, “National Asset Recovery Services, Inc., (NARS) and its affiliated companies, Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc. (PFG) and Integrity Financial Partners, Inc. (IFP), announced today that it had completed the integration of its operating divisions and the re‐naming of the combined companies under a single brand; Integrity Solution Services, Inc.

For the record, National Asset Recovery Services was a debt collection agency that collected on overdue medical bills, as well as for the telecommunications, health and fitness, and financial industries, such as Capital One. Integrity Financial Partners was a debt collection company with offices in Overland Park, Kansas, that worked with the telecommunications industry, retail companies, debt buyers, and financial institutions, such as Chase Bank. They also collected on overdue payday loans. Pinnacle Financial Group specialized in the collection of credit card debt.

The current Integrity Solution Services website has very little information about the industries they serve or the locations of their call centers. The company’s press release indicated that it is “a multi-national company with call centers throughout the U.S. Midwest, the Caribbean, and Latin America.”

Integrity Solution Services Complaints

Interestingly enough, as of March 2013 the Better Business Bureau does not have a listing for Integrity Solution Services. However, the BBB still had a listing for Integrity Financial Partners, and listed 47 closed complaints in the previous three years, including 18 closed Integrity Financial Partners complaints in the previous 12 months. Similarly, the BBB still had a listing for National Asset Recovery Services, and listed 49 closed complaints within the previous three years, including 12 closed National Asset Recovery Services complaints within the previous 12 months. Again, the BBB had a listing for Pinnacle Financial Group, and had logged 266 closed complaints within the previous three years, including 69 closed Pinnacle Financial Group complaints within the previous 12 months.

Integrity Solution Services Contact Information

Integrity Solution Services, Inc.
20 Corporate Hills Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301

Integrity Solution Services Telephone Number: 800-732-6877


2 thoughts on “Integrity Solution Services
  1. they tricked me into thinking they were a debt collector & they had my account. so ive been paying them & i just received a phone call stating that my account was never transferred & im still supposed to be paying the people i was paying to begin with.

  2. cannot understand what they are saying. Horrible english!!!!Asked for a supervisor to resolve this issue and this woman keeps repeating herself over and over again!

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