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IC System

IC System touts itself as being a collection agency owned by a single family for three generations. With 700 employees, IC System collection agency is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with branches in Fargo, North Dakota, and LaCrosse, Wisconsin. IC System collections has clients in a number of industries, including retail, communications, utilities, education, and financial services.

IC System collection agency urges its employees to perform. On its website, IC System quotes an employee saying that she earned more in bonuses than in base pay. In addition to bonuses, the company notes that employees can win “cash, gift cars, trips, electronics, and more.”

IC System Complaints

As of June 2103, IC System had been accorded an A rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is a high rating, especially considering that the BBB had logged 816 IC System complaints within the previous three years, including 307 closed IC System complaints within the previous 12 months.

In addition, IC System has had a run-in with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. In 2011, Minnesota entered into a settlement agreement with IC System regarding their screening process for debt collectors and licensing provisions. As part of the consent order, IC System paid a fine of $65,000.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you move into a home or are assigned the previous phone number of someone who owes a back debt and begin receiving calls from debt collection agencies, take an immediate stance. Answer the phone and inform them that you do not know the person they are trying to contact. If necessary, send a cease and desist notice in writing, explaining that you do not wish to be contacted. It is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for IC System to continue to call and harass you while trying to find someone who owes a debt. It isn’t your problem, and you shouldn’t be subjected to this type of harassment. If the harassment continues, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state Attorney General’s office. In addition, contact a fair debt attorney.

IC System Contact Information

I.C. System
444 Highway 96 East
St. Paul, MN 55127-2557

IC System Phone Number: 800-279-3511


2 thoughts on “IC System
  1. yes I have a commment Ic is keep on Harassment and complaints about debt collector that I have too pay $100.98 dollars and how could I stop them too call me and threat me talk a bout they go put me and jail and that not true for that $100.96 they could not do that but they still calling me I am serious I am tie of this messy you and I told them too leave me along and stop callin me and complaints and I told them that I am go pay it I want have too send them too court and so they could stop Harassment my name is dina davis and you could write too me and write too me 1750 Mcaillster st san francisco cailf,94115 you could contact me 4159292539 tell them stop callin me please thank you

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