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Hunter Warfield

Hunter Warfield is a national debt collection agency that was founded in 2004 and operates out of Tampa, Florida. Hunter Warfield collection agency specializes in the area of multi-housing collections, commercial collections, and funeral care collections.

Using collection practices such as skip-tracing and predictive dialing to determine the best times to reach consumers, the debt collectors at Hunter Warfield focus primarily on collecting unpaid fees that are a result of broken leases for rental homes and unpaid funeral expenses. They gain access to creditors’ information from credit reporting agencies and the Department of Motor Vehicles, and use that information to track down consumers and determine their current assets.

Hunter Warfield proudly boasts that it received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon and a 2013 Dream Big Small Business of the Year Award.

Hunter Warfield Complaints

As of June 2013, the Better Business Bureau had accorded Hunter Warfield a C rating, and had logged 170 closed Hunter Warfield complaints within the previous three years, including 66 closed Hunter Warfield complaints within the previous 12 months. In addition, in the first four months of 2013, Hunter Warfield had been sued 11 times in federal court. The cases alleged that Hunter Warfield violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In 2012, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation reached a settlement agreement with Hunter Warfield regarding a number unresolved consumer complaints. As part of the settlement agreement, Hunter Warfield paid a $7,000 fine.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you have been harassed by any debt collections agency, you should know that you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In fact, if a debt collector violates them and you can prove it, you may win a lawsuit against them in court. The FDCPA outlines a number of illegal debt collection practices. For example, debt collection agencies are not allowed to release your information or information relating to the amount or status of your debt to anyone else. They may only make contact with people you know to inquire about your current address and telephone number, and they can only do that once unless the person invites them to call again.

During their contact with you, debt collection agencies are not allowed to make threatening remarks, or insult you or belittle you in order to try and coerce you into paying your debt. You may advise a debt collection agency to stop contacting you regarding your debt, and they must cease their communication immediately. The only exception is that they are allowed to contact you once more to advise you that they are no longer pursuing collection or that they are taking further legal action regarding the payment of your debt. In addition, a debt collector is not allowed to threaten to file a lawsuit against you or take any other legal action against you for your debt unless they actually intend on doing so. If a debt collector is found guilty of violating any provision of the FDCPA, they can be made to pay not only your attorney’s fees and your court costs, but $1000 in damages.

Hunter Warfield Contact Information

Hunter Warfield
4620 Woodland Corporate Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33614

Hunter Warfield Phone Number: 813-283-4500


3 thoughts on “Hunter Warfield
  1. Sunshine Retirement Living LLC sent a debt
    to Hunter Warfield in August 2012. At the time this debt was from April 2011 and Sunshine Retirement never notify me of the debt until Hunter Warfield started making
    harassing phone calls and when I told them
    that I would send a payment every month, one
    of their reps told me he would send that payment back to me and the only way that this
    arrangement was going to work was for him to
    make his own arrangements. He didn’t make the
    the statement, but I got the impression that
    he wanted my bank account info and I don’t
    give that info to anyone especially over the
    Thank you

  2. my sister and i were forced to sign an agreement for burial expenses of our mother because of State laws….The account was turned over to Hunter Warfield a few months later the person who contacted me was very rude and showed no compassion for the loss of my mother… they also threatened me and belittled me for not being able to make the payments I’ve been unemployed for a while now due ti the economy. My sister had a similar encounter with them as well. I asked them to not call me any more and they still ring my phone off the hook all day every day…are they allowed to do that?

  3. I cosigned(guaranteed) with my brother(never lived there) for an apartment for 1 year to help him out. after the first 9 months, i was contacted by the apartment about renewing the lease. I told them no, and that they would need to contact my brother about his intentions. At that point, I thought i was done at the end of the lease. He was contacted by the apartment and went on a month to month lease. He moved out approximately 4 months later when another apartment became available. Approximately 6 months after this, hunter warfield starts calling my house threating to ruin my credit unless i pay them $3,000 immediately. I refuse thinking this is a scam. I call my brother and he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, never heard from anyone. I them call the apartment complex and leave a message telling them the situation and ask that they call me if there is a problem. Never heard back from them. this continues for several months until finally i get a bill in the mail and take it to the apartments for an explanation. they state that my brother left without proper notice and owed them the money but since I was on the original lease, I was responsible. I got in touch my brother and he negotiated a settlement and paid them. now, I go to refinance my house and get denied because Hunter-warfield has damaged my credit rating…….very frustrated. i have contacted the BBB and complained about their business practices.

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