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Gila Corporation

Founded in 1991 in Austin, Texas, Gila Corporation is a debt collection agency that specializes in third party collections. They are licensed to operate in 23 states. Gila Corporation provides third-party collections for governmental entities, financial institutions, and higher education; among their collection efforts are traffic violation citations and toll road violations. In some instances, Gila Corporation has been reported doing business as Municipal Services Bureau and MSB.

While Gila Corporation states on their website that they use assertive, not aggressive, collection practices to collect debts, they do list debt collection practices such as national skip tracing, predictive as well as auto dialing services, and extended office hours so that their debt collectors may spend more time calling consumers outside of normal business hours. Although Gila Corporation received accreditation by the local branch of the Better Business Bureau in 2008, they have received almost 90 complaints filed against them by consumers unhappy with their billing and collection practices in the past three years. Eighty-two of these consumer complaints were closed after the Better Business Bureau intervened on behalf of the consumer to achieve resolution. Numerous individuals have filed complaints against Gila Corporation, or Municipal Services Bureau, for repeatedly calling in an attempt to collect a debt that had already been paid. In a few instances, consumers allege that debt collectors from Gila Corporation repeatedly called the same individual, even after they were advised that they had the wrong telephone number and were not contacting the person that they were looking for. Other people have filed complaints alleging that Gila Corporation has attempted to collect debts that were paid over two decades ago, refused to provide validation when the individual has disputed the debt, and has continued to call to collect the debt after they were advised it was invalid and asked to cease communications.

Stop Gila Corporation Harassment

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors, you have a right to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Under the FDCPA, once a consumer has disputed a debt in writing within 30 days of receiving written communication from a debt collector, the debt collector is required to cease communications until they are able to provide validation of said debt. It is also stipulated in the FDCPA that if a consumer advises a debt collector that they do not plan to pay the debt and wish for the debt collector to cease communications with them, they must do so immediately. They may only contact the consumer again to notify them that they are no longer seeking to collect the debt, or that they are seeking legal action against them. If you file suit against a debt collector for any violation of the FDCPA, they could be required to pay you up to $1,000 in damages, or your actual damages, in addition to your court costs and attorney’s fees.

Gila Corporation Contact Information

Gila Corporation
8325 Tuscany Way, Building 4
Austin, TX 78754


6 thoughts on “Gila Corporation
  1. I spoke with these people once to find out what they wanted. I was told it was for a traffic fine I’d paid years ago. The collector informed me I was wrong and I still owed for the violation. When I exlained to him that I could not have gone without praying my fine because my license would have been suspended, he laughed at me. I told him that I would deal with the court only on this and to stop calling my home. They have called me multiple times a day from different numbers everyone day since. They just won’t stop.

  2. They call here at least once a day. They are after our 36 year old son. He has not lived at our house since he was 18 years old. He is a street person and has no permanent address. Anytime he has to give and address, he gives ours.

    It is always a recorded message. Tired of just hanging up on them.

  3. I bite today on the “pending legal matter” announcement and spoke to a young man who told me who he was collecting on, for what, from when and for who. (3 traffic fines from that were not mine from 14 to 21 years ago). When I advised him he was in violation of the FDCPA for 3rd party disclosure he wanted to argue with me because he wasn’t a collection agency but was retained by the county the debtor owed money to. I also spoke to a young female who claimed to be a supervisor. I got the address and advised them to not call me agian. I hope the debtor gets even with these unethical people collecting on antique debts while disclosing his personal business

  4. I don’t answer the phone if I don’t know the person/company calling. I live alone and all my bills are paid. I know several people lived at this address before me and still receiving their mail! Post Office working on not delivering their crap to me, finally.


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