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GC Services

GC Services collection agency has its fingers in virtually every slice of the debt collection pie. GC Collections collects on auto deficiency loans, meaning that after a vehicle is repossessed, GC Services goes after the consumer for the difference between what the car was auctioned for and the loan balance. GC Services collection agency also collects on behalf of the government, from municipal court collections to state child support payments to money owed in back taxes. GC Services collection agency also collects on credit card debt, telecommunications debt, and retail debt. GC Services also has a chunk of the lucrative student loan debt collection market.

GC Services boasts over 9,000 employees in 30 call centers in a multitude of cities, including Los Angeles and San Diego in California; Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson in Arizona; El Paso, Copperas Cove, Killeen, San Antonio, and Houston in Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Lansing, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Knoxville, Tennessee; Jacksonville and Lakeland in Florida; and Huntington, West Virginia. GC Services also has call centers offshore, in the Philippines. Interestingly, back in July 2010, GC Services’ Oklahoma City office made the local news when backed up toilets caused sewage to flood part of the building. According to the local news report, employees were not allowed to leave work, and when an employee called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, he was fired.

GC Services Complaints

Like many debt collection agencies, there are myriad GC Services complaints across online consumer discussion boards. In order to quantify a sample of GC Services complaints, one can look to the Better Business Bureau, which gave GC Services accreditation in July 2011. The BBB gives GC Services an A+ rating, even though (as of June 2013) the BBB had logged 279 closed GC Services complaints within the previous three years, including 82 closed GC Services complaints within the previous 12 months.

But GC Services complaints registered with the BBB only tell part of the story. In the period of April and May 2013, there were more than two dozen GC Services lawsuits filed in federal court alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you want to stop debt collector harassment, it’s important to know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Debt collection agencies can send out millions of collection letters each month. If you’ve received a letter from a debt collector, you should know what the law says about that kind of activity.

Debt collectors are allowed to send you letters through the mail, but a debt collection agency is not allowed to embarrass you by sending you a postcard or an envelope with printing that indicates it relates to a debt. According to the law, a debt collector can’t call excessively, nor call at a time and place known to be inconvenient to the consumer. So, for example, if you tell a debt collector that you can only talk on your noon lunch break, he isn’t allowed to call you at eleven o’clock. Similarly, if you aren’t allowed to take personal calls at work and tell a debt collector that this is the case, under the FDCPA the debt collector can’t call you at work.

Every single time a debt collector contacts you, he’s required to tell you his true name, that he’s attempting to collect a debt, and that any information you give him will be used for that purpose. If you’re on the receiving end of calls from a debt collector, you should jot down the date and time of the call, as well as what was said during the call. This information is important if you ever have to assert your rights under the FDCPA

GC Services Contact Information

GC Services
6330 Gulfton
Houston, TX 77081

GC Services Phone Number: 800-756-6524


3 thoughts on “GC Services
  1. I get over 5 phone calls a day from this company most of which I do not answer but to me this is excessive. On top of that the last time I spoke with one of their representatives I attempted to answer some of their questions ( I know I owe and I am not trying to avoid their calls they are just ALWAYS inconvenient times) regardless, the lady was asking me aboutmy place of employment at which time I indicated to her that I would not share that information with her as it was not an appropriate place to contact me regarding this debt. Today, without having shared that information with them, they called my place of work, I answer the calls there so I answered with my first name, at that time the guy asked me if I was “My full name” which I agreed he then asked me if the last four digits of my social security number were…”XXXX” instead of asking me to provide that number he offered it to me in the question… so now if I wasn’t “ME” another unknown person would have been given that information and could have simply replied “yes” and been given personal information regarding my debt. At that time I spoke with manager Carol and told her that I had previously requested not to be contacted at my place of employment yet they researched, found the information, and called anyway. I think this is a blatant disrespect to my verbal commands and they have no honor what so ever.

  2. I have been in contact with gc services for about 2 yrs now they called me 4-5 times a day till i talked to them. this was only after they called my grand mother trying to collect the debt from her because my grand father had the same name and they still kept calling her even after she told them my grand father was dead. after that i called and set up payment arrangements with them. paying 350 a month. after 8 months of paying i stopped the payment because i couldnt afford it im a father of 2 and have a wife i need to support. stopping the payment was the hard part i called every number they gave me to talk to them and never got a call back.
    i finely just told my bank to stop payments it took 2 months to get them to stop. after calling m work looking for me and even calling and leaving message for me i my works call off number.they finely called me on my cell i could tell them the reason why i couldnt pay at this time. they said ok and that was that. now here 2 months later i get a garnishment notice from them they want 15% of my paycheck which i cant afford. i called the number on the paper work they sent me and it was the wrong branch of gc servise after being transferd 4 times i got a person that took all my info and i told them how much i could pay and the want 460 dollars a month to keep the garishment away.
    sorry about this long message i need help please help me i cant support my family and keep them at bay please call me with some helpfull info at 4408227584 cell

    • I will address you both but 1st I will state facts.
      1. You borrowed the $ for loans for school
      2. You put your signature to a promissory note that clearly states under your signature the conditions of pay including when and if it becomes default, the school can seek ANY legal remedy available including collection costs, interests, garnishment, tax offsets, social security, disability, or unemployment offsets.
      3. Don’t forget you borrowed from the federal government of the United States that gave you your social security number.
      1st to emily mcclanahan. So if they ‘ALWAYS’ call at inconvenient times, tell me, when is a convenient time to pay a bill?
      And you stated yourself they always call so they called you at work, do you think maybe if you had talked to them during your ‘inconvenient’ time at home, they would not have called you at work? It is a law that they cannot call you at work till they have attempted to call you at home(see FDCPA)
      Yes they have to verify by last 4ssn, and if someone else had answered and said yes they are allowed to disclose info to them. But would that have happened had you NOT avoided them at home, sheesh. Stop blaming others for what is clearly your fault and your responsibility. If you had no intention of being responsible you should not have taken out loans. You have no honor whatsoever.
      Now 2nd to William Benser III, pretty much the same thing goes to you. Unfortunately I don’t know if you realized but you were only a few months away from getting out of default and your loan in good standing when you stopped payment. What happened is that your loan was kicked out of program for nonpayment and was returned to collections and added on more collections charges and interest given the new $460 amount. Since your comment wasn’t as naïve as emily’s I can offer advice. There is a program called the W.D. Ford program that is application based and income contingent. It would now stretch your loan repayments out to 25 yrs now that you failed in the other program and cant pay $460. In the W.D.Ford program you need to prove yearly what you make, your expenses and they will designate what you should pay given your hardship. What will happen is that this program will double your loan in size but will stretch it out over 25yrs. at that time the remaining balance will be forgiven but you will owe taxes on the amount. Read up on it and this may be your only solution at this point. I hope you realize that GC collecting is nothing personal, they are hired by the federal student aid to collect what you promised to pay. You got yourself into this, you created this debt. Stop blaming others. Good luck

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