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Franklin Collection Service

Franklin Collection Service is a collection agency that operates out of Birmingham, Alabama, and has been in business since 1980. They boast of a 22,000 square foot building—with plans to expand—and offer their clients “custom collection services.” Franklin Collection Services wears many hats, as they collect delinquent third-party debts that are unsecured, such as telephone bills, execute auto repossessions and file legal proceedings on behalf of original creditors. They are known for reporting activity to credit bureaus, and using skip tracing methods in order to track down consumers who have moved and left no forwarding address. They work on a contingency basis, which means that they only get paid if they collect the debt—something that often makes collection agencies more aggressive in their methods.

Franklin Collection Service has made a name for themselves in the debt collection industry. They have managed to rack up an astonishing 112 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, as well as a couple of lawsuits to boot. For instance, one of the lawsuits was brought by someone who was allegedly harassed by the agency for a debt they don’t even owe. Another lawsuit alleges that Franklin Collection Service made false reports to the credit bureaus.

There are conflicting reports about the status of the collection agency. On its site, the Better Business Bureau states that Franklin Collection Service is no longer in business, and advises anyone who has unresolved business with them to contact an attorney. But a quick visit to their website shows that they are indeed in business, with talk of expansion on their home page. A quick phone call to the agency verifies that are still in business and ready to collect more debt.

Stop Franklin Collection Service Harassment

All debt collection agencies must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The law is designed to protect consumers from predatory collection agencies, and give them a way to fight back if their rights are violated. For instance, if you’re being harassed by a debt collection agency about a debt that you owe, or if a debt collector has made false reports to the credit bureaus about you, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an attorney who is familiar with FDCPA, and talk to him about whether or you have cause for a suit. If so, you may be awarded up to $1,000 in damages, plus attorney fees and court costs.

In addition, you should know that there are strict rules that a debt collector must follow when attempting to collect a debt from you. They have five days after their first contact with you to send you a debt validation letter in the mail. The letter must tell you the amount of the debt and who the original creditor was. If they do not send you this letter, and continue to call you, politely tell them that you will not talk to them until you receive it. If they continue to call after that, they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Franklin Collection Service Contact Information

Franklin Collection Service
2978 West Jackson Street

P.O. Box 3910
Tupelo, MS 38801


2 thoughts on “Franklin Collection Service
  1. had agent call from Tupelo they talked with me like I was a dog or dirt they repeadly told me I better go borrow the money to pay them or get the money from my daughter 600 I gave her for my grand children Christmas I was in tears and they made fun of me I hope these people and their tactics to scaring people who can not come up with the money I hope these people Franklin Collection who has 110 BBB compliants and also ripoff complaints gets what is comeing to them for their strong rude tactics.

  2. These people are indeed scum. They are extremely aggressive and in fact are under a consent order from the state of Massachusetts for misconduct. Imagine that…. The first “agent” I spoke to was exceptionally rude and unhelpful so I hung up on him. I got a message on my answering machine two days later for me from a person who did not identify the company they represented but told me they needed to speak with me urgently about a woman whose name I didn’t recognize. I strongly suspect it was them and didn’t bother to call back. I never heard from them again, and the alleged debt has been transferred to another sack of crap collector.

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U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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