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Estate Information Services

Estate Information Services, based in Columbus, Ohio, was founded in 1989. The third-party collection service specializes in collecting past due accounts from probate estates. Estate Information Services’ website claims that the company uses specialized approaches to collect debts in a number of industries, including auto loan/lease, credit card, debt buyers, educational, healthcare, mortgage, and retail credit.

The business of collecting debt from deceased debtors is a sensitive one, but it doesn’t negate the necessity for the company to observe all the restrictions and provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When you combine the clientele with the company’s promise to locate deceased debtors via skip tracing, it’s conceivable that Estate Information Services may contact people unrelated to the original deceased consumer.

Estate Information Services Complaints

There are numerous complaints about Estate Information Services on online consumer discussion boards. As of March 2013, the Better Business Bureau had given Estate Information Services a B+ rating, and had recorded 19 closed Estate Information Services complaints over the previous three years, including six closed Estate Information Services complaints over the previous 12 months. During 2012, there were three lawsuits filed in federal court alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Estate Information Services Harassment

You cannot be compelled to pay a debt that is owed by a deceased family member unless you have a legal obligation to pay that debt because you co-signed it or in certain other circumstances. If Estate Information Services has contacted you regarding debt owed by a deceased member of your family or any other person whose debts you are not legally obligated to pay, you have the right to tell them to stop calling you.

Do not agree to make any payments to Estate Information Services on a debt that you do not believe you owe. A court may take your agreement as an admission that you owe the debt. You have a right to know the details of the debt that Estate Information Services claims that you owe, and you have a right to know before you make any agreement to pay a single cent. Notify Estate Information Services that they must provide you with verification of debt before you will discuss anything regarding the debt with them. Once you receive the verification and if the debt is not yours to pay, inform Estate Information Services that you are disputing the charge because you do not owe it, and demand that they immediately cease contacting you about the debt. If they continue to contact you after you have sent a certified letter demanding that they cease all contact, get in touch with a fair debt attorney.

Estate Information Services Contact Information

Estate Information Services
3435 Stelzer Road
Columbus, OH 43219

Estate Information Services Phone Number: 877-714-3739


One thought on “Estate Information Services
  1. Someone called me at 8:00 A.M. on September 13th. The home phone announced the person’s message which was being recorded. She said that it was the State of California calling and wanted to know who was handling the Estate of John DeHart. He was my ex-husband who left me overnight in 1980 while we living in Baltimore,Maryland. He left with the woman with whom he had been having an affair. She was married with children and so was he. I moved to California to collect the child support he hadn’t paid and never paid. Those two adulterers married. Last year, on February 29th, John DeHart died from a massive heart attack. I found out when a collection agency called and said it was the Probate Court in Victorville, California and he was looking for the person handling the estate of John DeHart. I told him that Probate Courts do not function that way, that they never attempt to collect unpaid funeral bills. I worked for lawyers for forty-five years and know better. These leeches lie like crazy. He then realized that he wasn’rt going to get anywhere with me and no calls came until the recent one. I told him that I wouldn’t pay a dime towards his funeral bill. He left me with four teenagers ages 13, 14, 14, and 15 when I wasn’t even working and without a dime to my name. I didn’t sign anything stating that I would pay the funeral bill. Let the woman who had an affair with a married man pay for it. His children that he ignored won’t pay it either. That entity never called again. I feel it is the same as Estate Information Services. When I tried on Sept. 13th to call back and state not to call me anymore, the woman said I could not talk to anyone unless I gave my name which I refused to do. They want the name of another person in order to hound that one. I don’t have any unpaid debts. When I move to another city, I make sure all utility bills are paid or if not, I give my new address and make sure all bills are paid. We have a new phone service and can block unwanted calls. The phone number that called me is (614) 729-1700. I am old and suffering from two broken fingers and don’t need this aggravation. I pay my bills and want to be left alone.

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