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Delmarva Capital Services

Delmarva Capital Services is a Baltimore, Maryland, collection agency that specializes in purchasing old charged-off debt. The company also sells off “portfolios” of debt that they’ve worked through several times and have been unable to collect. According to the Delmarva Capital Services website, they “enable clients to convert delinquent debt into a reliable revenue stream” by selling their charged off debts to Delmarva on an ongoing basis.

Delmarva Capital Services uses predictive dialers and employs skip tracing to locate account holders who have moved since their last contact with the creditor. This can lead to repeated telephone calls to relatives and neighbors of the original consumer, as well as to people who have the same or similar names to the original consumer. On their careers page, Delmarva Capital Services also promises applicants a “generous commission structure” and an “aggressive monthly commission plan.” Commission payments to debt collection agents can have the unintended consequence of ratcheting up pressure on consumers.

Delmarva Capital Services has made quite a name for itself. The Justia docket system lists 10 separate lawsuits filed against Delmarva Capital Services, all for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The suits include allegations of illegal threats, refusal to provide debt verification and attempting to collect on debts after they have been proven invalid. On one Internet forum, several people who claimed to be former employees of the company weighed in to state that the company does not bring suit against consumers, but that collection agents are instructed to threaten people with lawsuits, reports to credit agencies and reports to Chexsystem when collecting on old U.S. Bank accounts. When they invoke Chexsystems, they reportedly tell the consumer that Chexsystems will close all of their current accounts, remove the money from them and that they will be unable to open a checking account with any FDIC bank ever again.

Stop Delmarva Capital Services Harassment

If you are being harassed by a debt collection agency, knowledge of the law is your best tool. Knowing your rights under the FDCPA and your state consumer protection laws can help you combat the tactics used by unscrupulous debt collectors. Many of the tactics used by debt collection agents skirt the edges of the law, and some cross over the line and open them to lawsuits from consumers they abuse.

Some consumers report being contacted by a debt collector who discussed another person’s past due debts with them. If this has happened to you, you have legal recourse. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very particular with regard to consumer privacy. Collection agents may not discuss your debt situation with any person other than yourself or your spouse unless you give your permission for them to do so. If a debt collector has talked to your mother, brother, cousin, neighbor, boss or any other person, and informed them that you owe money or asked them to deliver a message about you owing money, being sued for a debt or in any other way let them know that they are pursuing you to collect a debt, you have the right to sue them in court for violation of the FDCPA. If your suit is successful, a judge can order the debt collection agency to pay you up to $1,000 and legal costs.

In addition, you can and should report any abuses to your state attorney general and to the Federal Trade Commission. If they receive enough complaints about the illegal tactics used by debt collection agencies, they can launch an investigation that may result in fines and penalties to the company.

Delmarva Capital Services Contact Information

Delmarva Capital Services, LLC
5355 Nottingham Road Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21236


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