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CTI Collection Services

CTI Collection Services, also known as Collection Technology Institute, was founded in 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. The company is one of the largest minority-owned debt collection companies in the country. CTI Collection Services pursues delinquent and charged off debt for major banks, credit card companies and financial services. It typically works in the secondary market, which means that the collectors for CTI Collection Services are trying to collect on accounts that have already been returned to a creditor as uncollectible by another collection agency. They regularly collect charged off accounts for GE Capital, Citibank and Discover Card, usually on a second go-round.

A check with the Better Business Bureau shows that CTI Collection Services has an F rating from the BBB, mostly on the strength of the 38 complaints that have been filed against the company, nearly all of them for billing and collection issues. This may seem like a small number, but the typical collection agency racks up fewer than 10 complaints over the same time period.

It’s also not surprising that CTI Collection Services has collected so many complaints. A simple search of their name online turns up dozens of complaints from those unlucky enough to have been in contact with CTI Collection Services. They range from the collector who called a serviceman’s wife and threatened to have his entire next paycheck garnished if she didn’t immediately give him the information to debit their bank account, to the multiple accounts of people who were dunned by CTI Collection Services for accounts they had already paid in full. One woman who was attempting to arrange voluntary payments on a past due account reported that the supervisor yelled at her to stop the nonsense and go get her checkbook NOW. Another reports being called a liar and physically threatened, while a third says that the collector told her that they would take her house and her car.

The most common complaints against CTI Collection Services include a refusal to provide verification of debt, threats of legal action the company had no intention of taking, verbal abuse and physical threats. The sheer volume of complaints and the fact that many of them involve CTI Collection employees identified as supervisors is disturbing.

Stop CTI Collection Services Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says that you don’t have to put up with being threatened, bullied, intimidated, demeaned and insulted by debt collectors. If you are contacted by CTI Collection Services, these steps can help you stop the harassment cold.

Do not admit to owing the debt over the telephone. Tell the collector that you will not discuss the debt at all until you have seen a debt verification letter from them and had a chance to review the details. If a debt collector tells you that they don’t do that, inform them that they are required under the FDCPA to provide debt verification within five days of initial contact and you will expect it in your mailbox. In many cases, the debt collector will abandon attempts to collect right then, because they don’t have verification.

Document the times, dates and details of the telephone calls and any further contact with a debt collector. If they do send you a debt verification letter, look it over carefully. You have the right to dispute the debt within 30 days of receiving the letter. If you don’t dispute the debt within that time period, the debt collection agency can legally assume that the debt is valid and continue to attempt collecting the debt.

If the harassment continues, contact a lawyer with experience in consumer debt protection law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the right to sue debt collection agencies that violate the provisions of the law. If your suit is successful, the judge can order them to pay you actual damages, statutory damages up to $1,000 and your legal and court costs.

CTI Collection Services Contact Information

CTI Collection Services
3333 West Arthington Street
Chicago, IL 60620


One thought on “CTI Collection Services
  1. These people have called me at work numerous times, threatening and bullying.One of these people told me they would continue harassing me regardless of me telling them they were violating my rights and I would have my attorney call them. I have tried mailing them important documentation AND have called ALL the phone numbers they are affiliated with, to no avail. My mail has been returned as unable to forward and the phones are disconnected. I am truly at my wits end.

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