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Credigy Receivables

Credigy Receivables appears to operate under several names – they seem to have some sort of connection with First Select, as well as Stewart & Associates – all very confusing for the average consumer. There is, however, no doubt that the main focus of Credigy Receivables is on credit card debt in the United States and Brazil. Unfortunately, Credigy Receivables plans to spread their operations to other countries as well. Credigy Receivables purchases both unsecured and secured debts and then employs people with “high energy, entrepreneurialism, team spirit and creative initiative” to come after us more ordinary folks. The debt collection agency has been sued almost a dozen times in the past year for allegedly violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Credigy Receivables Harassment

How did Credigy Receivables/Stewart & Associates/First Select find you? Easy – they are expert skip tracers with massive databases that they regularly access. Debt collection agencies also find you through your daily digital footprint, when you go shopping, or your gas or power is activated or deactivated. They also use Facebook and other social networking sites to coerce your relatives or friends into telling them how to locate you. It has never been easier for a debt collection agency to find you, but when they do, you can stop their harassment by sending them a dispute letter. You must send this letter within 30 days of receiving a written notice from the debt collector. Once you dispute the debt, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that Credigy Receivables – or any other debt collection agency – must not contact you until they send you written proof that the debt is yours to pay. For protection, make sure you keep a copy of the letter and send the original letter by certified mail. Also, pay extra for a return receipt because that gives you proof that they received it. That little slip of paper is your insurance policy because, if they phone you in the interim, you can sue under the FDCPA. So there’s no need to run and hide run and hide; just use the law to stop Credigy Receivables from hassling you.

Credigy Receivables Contact Information

Credigy Receivables Inc./Stewart & Associates
3950 Johns Creek Ct., #100
P.O. Box 2689
Suwannee, GA 30024


One thought on “Credigy Receivables
  1. I am in Texas. Credigy has a purchased a repo of mine from 2006. About 2 weeks ago, they contacted my employer and discussed my debt with him in a very lengthy conversation. Last week they contacted me and threatened to garnish my wages and send my debt to their “legal team”. They proceeded to tell me “have fun with your 385 credit score” and even made the comment “since you work for your father, it will be easy to get your money”. They never once in my conversation or the one with my employer read the mini meranda. (I think that is what its called) “This is an attempt to collect a debt…”

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