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Central Financial Control

Central Financial Control is an amazingly hidden business. It appears to be all smoke and mirrors, but is thought to be based in Anaheim, CA, and specialize in the collection of healthcare debt. Central Financial Control operates does business as (“DBA”) an entity called “Tenet Healthcare.” Then it conceals itself further behind a parent company named “Syndicated Office Systems, Inc.” Central Financial Control has been subject to at least one class action lawsuit in California. If you should find yourself in Central Financial Control’s searchlight, it’s imperative that you understand your rights.

Stop Central Financial Control Harassment

When it comes to collecting healthcare debt, debt collection agencies like Central Financial often contact people who are frail, aged, or in some way incapacitated. You should be aware that, regardless of which state you live in, Central Financial (or any other debt collection agency) is bound by a federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law says that debt collectors are prohibited from a number of practices, such as:

  • They may not threaten to use violence or harm you.
  • They may not publish lists of names of people who do not pay their debts.
  • They may not swear at you
  • They may not falsely claim to be an attorney.
  • They may not tell you they will arrest you, seize your property, or garnish your wages, unless they prove they are legally entitled to do so.
  • They may not use a phony company name or send you anything that may look like an official document from the government or a court unless it is, in actuality, a valid document.

Be especially careful that a debt collection agency such as Central Financial Control does not tack on any fees, interest, or other levies in addition to your outstanding debt. This, too, is likely against the law.

Central Financial Control Contact Information

Central Financial Control
1500 S. Douglas Road
Anaheim, CA 92806

Central Financial Control Phone Number: 714-704-4000


4 thoughts on “Central Financial Control
  1. This collection agency just showed up out of nowhere in my credit. THEY DON’T PROVIDE MUCH INFORMATION AND THEY ARE EATING UP MY CREDIT FICO WITHOUT MUCH EXPLANATION!

  2. I contacted the original creditor and got the matter corrected. I have every conversation I have had recorded. The debt if from 2007 and I had insurance that the hospital failed to file. They cleared my acct balance out and now CFC will not delete the info from my credit files.

  3. like cassie this was a health insurance matter that was cleared up in 2009. How do I get this one blib off my credit report.

  4. Central Financial Control (Anaheim, CA) is nortorious for lieing to people. I paid a medical debt in full ($400+) and was told that once paid the debt would be removed from my credit file. They lied and it was paid in full, one time and it still stands.
    I contacted the better businees Bureau and they were not any help.What else can I do to get this removed?

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U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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