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CBM Services

Founded in 1919 by businessmen in Midland, Michigan, CBM Services is the largest national debt collection agency in Michigan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce. While CBM Services specializes in the collections of medical billing, they also perform debt collection services for retail and commercial clients. CBM Services uses collection practices such as predictive dialers, which determine the best time to call consumers, as well as unattended messaging. They also use skip tracing techniques, which includes investigative searches to locate consumers and assess their property to determine the potential for them to pay their debts. Debt collectors who use skip tracing techniques have been known to contact third parties in their attempts to locate consumers.

In browsing consumer complaint boards on the Internet, one individual complained that he received an abusive phone call from CBM Services. He claimed that the debt collector was rude and implied that the consumer must have been poor if he was unable to pay his bill. There is currently no file on record with the Midland Area Better Business Bureau for CBM Services.

Stop CBM Services Harassment

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from a debt collection agency, you should be aware that the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from using harassing behaviors. Under section 806 of the FDCPA, debt collectors are forbidden from acting in any way that is meant to “harass, oppress, or abuse” consumers in connection with the collection of a debt. It is unlawful for a debt collector to use violence against you, or to threaten the use of violence, or any type of criminal activity with the intention of harming you or your personal property in their attempt to collect a debt. It is also unlawful for a debt collector to threaten to publish your debt, except to credit reporting agencies, to advertise your debt for sale, or to hurt your reputation in their attempts to collect your debt.

Debt collectors are not allowed to use offensive or obscene language, verbally abuse you, or insult you in an attempt to humiliate you into paying your debt. Debt collectors are also not allowed to call you repeatedly in order to annoy you, and may only call you between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., local to your time zone. If you advise a debt collector that you wish for him to stop calling you, they are required by law to cease communications except to notify you that they are no longer collecting your debt or that they are seeking legal action against you. If a court finds that they have violated the FDCPA, they could be held liable to pay you damages of up to $1,000.

CBM Services Contact Information

CBM Services, Inc.

300 Rodd Street, Suite 202

Midland, MI 48640



One thought on “CBM Services
  1. I keep getting calls from the cbm people and most of the time they don’t leave their whole number and you don’t know who to contact to get it straightened out. I am a retired person and on a fixed income. I have had a lot of problems and like broken ankle and then because of the big boot that was put on me by the people that fitted it to me (it was to big) trippped and fell off 3 steps and broke my wrist and my ribs. I have been very miserable for months. I have not been very happy about all these calls.

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