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ARM & Associates

ARM & Associates is a debt collection agency that does business in West Chicago, Illinois. They boast of a three-stage collection strategy, which consist of the usual collection tactics used by most collection agencies. They first try to collect the debt, and then assign the case to a private attorney with whom they partner, and if all else fails, they take the consumer to court. ARM & Associates deals with both commercial and consumer debt.

Some of the consumers who have come into contact with the ARM & Associates have a lot to say about their collection practices. For instance, on consumer discussion boards many people claim that the company refuses to update their current addresses, and continues to send pertinent mail to an out of date address. This prevents the consumers from receiving important information. Others claim that the debt collectors from ARM & Associates scream at them and call them losers. Another person said that she felt “bullied and scammed” by the collection agency when she refused to give them her bank account and debit card information. Still another man claimed that a debt collector from ARM & Associates called him 10 times a day, and left personal messages with various members of his office.

Stop ARM & Associates Harassment

Out of control debt collectors are the reason why the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created. Lawmakers realized that some consumers were being bullied by some debt collection agencies, and decided to do something about it. The provisions of the bill protect consumers from the extreme tactics that some debt collectors go to when they’re desperate to collect a debt.

For instance, a consumer is required to receive certain information from a debt collector within specific time frames, so that if they disagree with the details of the debt, they can dispute it. If a consumer doesn’t receive the details of the debt in question, they will have no way to determine whether or not it’s truly theirs. That’s why it’s important to keep copies of all communications that you have with debt collectors, and if it’s legal in your state, to record the phone calls.

In addition, debt collectors aren’t allowed to demean, embarrass, or humiliate people in their efforts to collect a debt. They can’t call you many times a day in an attempt to harass you, and if you’re not allowed to receive phone calls at work, they can’t call you there. Debt collectors aren’t allowed to talk to anyone else about your debt unless you hire an attorney, and then all communications have to go through him.

ARM & Associates Contact Information

ARM & Associates
1275 W. Roosevelt Road, Suite 111
West Chicago, IL 60185


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"The FDCPA is a consumer protection statute and was intended to permit, even encourage, attorneys like Lemberg to act as private attorney generals to pursue FDCPA claims."

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Evon v. Law Offices of Sidney Mickell
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