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Amcol Systems

Amcol Systems is a debt collection agency based in Columbia, South Carolina but operating throughout the country. Founded in 1976, Amcol Systems Inc. focuses exclusively on collecting medical accounts, including for physician’s offices, dentist’s offices and other medical providers. Amcol collections provides collection services in several different areas, including collecting past due payments from those with no health insurance, resolving health insurance claims, and collecting bad debts for health providers.

Health providers, such as those serviced by Amcol Systems, face particular restrictions on their attempts to collect on debts owed to medical providers. In addition to the restrictions placed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which protects consumers from predatory and abusive collection practices, companies that collect for medical providers must abide by the privacy laws set forth in HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act, which protects the privacy of your medical records.

Amcol Systems Complaints

As of April 2013, the Better Business Bureau had given Amcol Systems a C- rating. The BBB had logged 26 closed Amcol Systems complaints within the previous three years, including 15 closed Amcol Systems complaints within the previous 12 months. During 2012, there were nine cases filed in federal court alleging that Amcol Systems had violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Stop Amcol Systems Harassment

If you are receiving repeated telephone calls from a debt collector, you can stop the harassment by taking a few simple steps. Some debt collectors use an automated telephone dialing system and skip tracing to locate possible prospects for their debt collection activities. This has the potential for harassment of people who don’t actually owe the debt for which they are being dunned. If you are on the receiving end of harassment by a debt collection agency, these steps will stop the telephone calls and require that the company furnish you with information about the debt they are attempting to collect.

Do not give out any information about yourself over the telephone. If the debt collector is seeking information about another person, inform them that you are not that person and you do not know that person. Request a full name and the mailing address to which you can send a request for substantiation of debt and inform the person that you will be doing so. At this point, a debt collector must stop their collection activities until you have received the proof of debt from them.

Follow up on your verbal request with a certified letter sent to the debt collector informing them that you do not know the person or are not the person, if that’s the case, or requesting proof of debt if you are the person. Once you have informed the debt collector that you are not the person connected with the account, they may not continue to pursue it. If they continue to attempt collection on a debt they cannot prove is yours, you have the right to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and to sue them in court for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Amcol Systems Contact Information

Amcol Systems Inc.
111 Lancewood Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Amcol Systems Phone Number: 800-849-8900


5 thoughts on “Amcol Systems
  1. I can count just today a total of 6 calls from AMCOL Systems ! They call at the most insane hours as well. I don’t understand how they expect anyone to answer at midnight and then continue to call until I have to turn off the ringer and then I miss other calls. It is always an automated voice and then some call base out of India or some Middle Eastern country where they understand little and confuse a lot till I hang up on them out of frustration ! -SIGH- What an annoyance !!

    • Mr. T., I believe the facts are misrepresented here. AMCOL Systems does not attempt to communicate with consumers, clients or anyone else at midnight. We are all at home and in bed at that time. The law firm that asked you, if you even really exist, publish this information needs to get back to the business of real law and not pretend law.

      • I was sent to Amcol over a $25 late fee. I paid as soon as I was made aware of the fee (within 10 days of getting the notice) and it Amcol still reported to the credit bureau and now my credit score has dropped over 50 points. Wish Amcol had extended a grace period or 30days or so… Way to ruin an otherwise good credit score.

  2. I have never missed a payment to Amcol but as of lately, they call every morning trying to get me to give them my bank account number so that they can automatically deduct the payment. Why would I do this, so that they can clean out my account in one fell swoop?

  3. Amcol is awful, Just tell them the person is not in,…they drained my account, i had to close my checking account, call any auto-pays and assign them to a new Green-Dot card…and the list of emergency changes goes on. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BANK INFO. I paid for a stop payment in time, since i ck it almost daily, and the bank reversed it in 3 days…but I was afraid to keep my Bank Account after 6 years of good service.

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