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Allied International Credit

Allied International Credit is a multinational debt collection agency originally founded in Canada in 1955. In 1969, Allied International Credit expanded its operation to the United Kingdom and in 2000, opened offices in the United States. Its two U.S. offices are located in Richmond, Virginia, and Phoenix, Arizona. It collects debt as both a third-party collector and, under the name Triumph Asset Services, as a purchaser and collector of old debts.

Allied International Credit has racked up quite an impressive number of complaints from consumers in all three countries in which it operates. Most of the online complaints refer to rude and abusive language, some of it directed at third parties who have no connection to the person named on the account they are trying to collect. Company employees are paid a flat hourly wage with commission added based on the number of calls completed and debt collected. An Internet search turns up at least two responses from people who claim to be or to have been employees of Allied International Credit in the United States. Both note that they’ve heard coworkers use abusive and insulting language when trying to collect on accounts.

Stop Allied International Credit Harassment

Some debt collection agencies engage in collection practices that skirt the edges of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, including the use of abusive language and threats. Allied International Credit is no stranger to court action, and is listed in over a dozen court cases that allege violations of the FDCPA. If you are being harassed by debt collectors from Allied International Credit, you have recourse. Understanding your rights can help you recognize illegal debt collection practices when they happen.

  • A debt collector may not use the telephone to harass you by making excessive and repeated telephone calls. Debt collectors may not call you names, use abusive language or make insulting or disparaging comments about you, either to you or to third parties.
  • A debt collector may not threaten to take away your house or other possessions if they are not used to secure a debt, since they cannot legally take those actions. They may not threaten to garnish your wages, get you fired from your job, ruin your credit or damage your reputation in the community. Those are just examples of the types of threats that debt collectors may make in an effort to intimidate you into paying them without investigating the debt further.
  • A debt collection agency must supply you with validation of the debt they are attempting to collect within five days of the first time they contact you.
  • A debt collector may not contact you at work after you have informed them that you cannot accept telephone calls at work, or contact you at all after you inform them that you do not want them to contact you any longer. This will not stop them from attempting to collect the debt through other legal means, but it will stop the telephone calls.

If a debt collector violates any of these conditions laid out by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may have a cause for action against them in court. If a court finds that they have violated any of the provisions in the FDCPA, the debt collection agency may have to pay up to $1,000, as well as your legal fees for the court case.

Allied International Credit Contact Information

Allied International Credit
100 East Shore Drive, 3rd Floor

Glen Allen, VA 23059


2 thoughts on “Allied International Credit
  1. I have a file on them with the consumer protection agency in Washington state I was told they had to give me their mailing address. But they would not do it told me it was not any of my business

  2. I have received these calls from AIC (the 310 area code number is always displayed, but the robo call gives the 888 number) for quite some time. I always ignore the call. Until today, when I noticed that this time, my name was not mentioned in the “If this is ____, please cal…” In the pasdt, my name was always mentioned by the robo caller. Not today. Wonder if something changed? I did dispute a debt on my credit report, and it was removed a couple of weeks ago (I LOVE Credit Karma!). But I disputed it back in January, and it was just removed. Hmm…

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