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Ad Astra Recovery Services

Ad Astra Recovery Services is a Kansas debt collector that specializes in collecting on payday loans nationwide. The company has only been in business since 2007, but managed to rack up 22 complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Kansas in one 12-month period. All but two of the complaints were concerning billing and collection issues.

Ad Astra Recovery Services is a relatively small debt collection company, with only 22 employees. They are known to collect for Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash payday and title loans, including those that are taken out on Speedy Cash websites. Numerous consumers report via Internet discussion boards that Ad Astra Recovery Services has attempted to collect on accounts that are already fully paid, or collect amounts far greater than the consumer owns. In addition, some consumers report that their initial contact letter from Ad Astra’s stated that the company is deciding whether to do an asset search and alludes to uncovering bank accounts, homes, cars and other vehicles in preparation for filing a suit and pursuing further collection activities.

Ad Astra is a familiar name on the dockets of civil courts in multiple states. There are numerous cases against Ad Astra alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, including abusive language, continuing to contact a consumer after a written cease and desist letter, contacting consumers at work after being told that the person could not receive telephone calls at work and calls that rose to the level of harassment.

There are also numerous reports of Ad Astra attempting to collect on payday loans of which the supposed debtors had no knowledge, including several who have filed police reports for identity theft and attempting to collect on payday loans that are past the statute of limitations.

Stop Ad Astra Recovery Services Harassment

If Ad Astra has contacted you about a payday loan taken out through Speedy Cash, Rapid Cash or another payday loan company, check your records before paying a dime. Because Ad Astra’s history includes many cases where they allegedly attempted to collect on debts that had been paid, or that were not taken out by the person listed as the debtor, you should not make any admission to owing the loan or agree to any arrangements to repay the loan over the telephone.

Inform the Astra Recovery Services debt collector that you will not discuss the debt or any aspect of it until you have had a chance to review validation of the debt. According to the FDCPA, Ad Astra Recovery Services must send you a debt validation letter within five days of their original contact with you. Ad Astra Recovery Services may not contact you again in any way until you have received the debt validation letter and had a chance to review it.

The letter must include the amount of the original debt and the name of the creditor. The letter must also inform you that you have 30 days to dispute the debt and tell you that if you do not dispute the debt within that time period, Ad Astra Recovery Services can legally assume that the debt is valid and pursue collection. If the debt is not yours, if it is for the wrong amount, if you have already paid it or if there is any other discrepancy, you should immediately follow any instructions given for disputing the debt. If there are no instructions, notify them in writing that you dispute the debt, giving the reasons why it is not valid and providing any supporting information you have. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act requires that Ad Astra Recovery must investigate your claim and notify you of the results of their investigation.

Even if you owe the debt, you have a right to be treated with respect and not be subjected to harassment. If you feel you are being harassed by Ad Astra Recovery Services, talk to a lawyer with experience in fair debt law to learn more about your rights to recover damages.

Ad Astra Recovery Services Contact Information

Ad Astra Recovery Services
3607 North Ridge Road, #106
Wichita, Kansas 67205


2 thoughts on “Ad Astra Recovery Services
  1. I have never had such a bad time with any creditor. Ad Astra have been calling me 5 to 6 times a day. Even though I had this small pay day loan placed into my debt consolidation with Payday Loan Debt Assistance program. What AD Astra has done is placed my loan in collections when they are scheduled to be paid through my program. These people are too jumpy and dangerous to peoples credit.

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