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Absolute Credit

Absolute Credit, LLC is a national debt collection agency headquartered in Bangor, Maine. They advertise completely bilingual services, and cater to numerous consumer and commercial industries across the country. Among the industries Absolute Credit provides debt collection services for are dental practices, veterinary clinics, banks, insurance companies and other types of businesses. The corporate philosophy page listed on their website states that Absolute Credit’s purpose is to “recover delinquent receivables as efficiently as possible” while considering the “rights and dignity of the debtor.” The website states that the collection staff maintains a “firm but fair” manner when interacting with consumers.

Absolute Credit advertises that it is a full service debt collection agency that provides skip tracing and asset location services and maintains lawyers on retainer to advice their clients on the legalities of their proposed collection actions. According to the Absolute Credit website, the company has the ability to resolve every past due debt referred to them for collection.

Stop Absolute Credit Harassment

Absolute Credit LLC attempts to contact consumers in a variety of ways, some of which may make you feel as if you are being harassed by the company. If you feel you are being harassed by Absolute Credit, you have the right to make the harassment stop. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act contains provisions that are meant to protect consumers from unfair and abusive debt collection activities. These unfair practices include but are not limited to the following debt collection practices.

A debt collection agency may not contact your neighbors and family if they know how and where to contact you. Contacting neighbors and family members is a routine part of the skip trace process used by companies such as Absolute Credit. When they make such contact, the company may only ask if you live at an address, and if not, they may ask for your current address, telephone number and place of employment. They may not even refer to the outstanding debt or discuss any details of it. In addition, they may not threaten to talk to your neighbors or disclose any details of your debt to your neighbors, family members or employer.

If you find out that a company such as Absolute Credit has contacted a family member, neighbor or employer in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may have grounds to bring suit against them in court. Keep track of all contacts that you have with the company, including detailed notes about the conversations and any language or attitudes that feel abusive or threatening. Those notes will be important in establishing a case if you choose to pursue one.

You can also report any abuses or violations of the FDCPA by Absolute Credit or any other debt collection agency directly to the Federal Trade Commission, which handles consumer complaints against debt collection agencies. If your complaints are founded, and if a court views the debt collection practices as unfair or abusive under the FDCPA, the law provides for a statutory compensation to you of up to $1,000, in addition to any actual damages suffered by you as a result of those actions.

Absolute Credit Contact Information

Absolute Credit LLC
175 Exchange Street
Bangor, ME 04401


One thought on “Absolute Credit
  1. I was contacted at my emloyement agency US Dept. of Navy, Camp Lejeune, NC during the week of October 21 thru 25, 2013, by collection representative, Jarrod at 1-877-771-3323. When he called my employer, it went to someone elses voicemail. The employee identified themselves and he knew that I was not that person, he then contacted the same number twice.
    The office administrator gave me the number in which he left a voice mail. I responded t othe call on Monday morning, 10/28/2013 and informed him not to contact me at work.

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